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Research & Development Compliance Checks

Research and Development compliance checks aren't anything out of the ordinary. In fact, in recent years HMRC has spent a large time recruiting over 100 more members into their R&D compliance unit to combat the rising misuse of the scheme.

This means that more companies will receive a compliance check from HMRC than before. This isn't to say that your R&D claim is wrong but they might simply need more information about the claim so they are able to process it. HMRC do check a certain percentage of all claims and this number is only going to increase in the coming years. It is very important you take the correspondence from HMRC seriously. These enquiries or compliance checks often have deadlines that you are required to meet. So if you have submitted the claim yourself you should have all the documents and evidence they might require, if not you will need to get this in order and quickly. 

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How will we access your R&D claim?

We will review your documentation- We will ask you to send us your R&D tax credit claim(s) and any correspondence you have received from HMRC. We will conduct a thorough review of your claim and your discussions with HMRC to date
Advise your position - following our independent review, we will advise you on your current positions and we will set out our recommendation, we will discuss your priorities and then outline the strategic next steps to achieve the best outcome for your business
Communicating with HMRC- we will take all responsibility for all correspondence with HMRC and will manage all aspects of your enquiry. We will update you on your progress throughout your journey with us
Further discussions and negotiations will continue until we reach a satisfactory resolution
We will always aim to achieve the best outcome for your business
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Why Choose K&H?

Efficient & Thorough
Specialist Technical Expertise
In-House Legal Department
Experts in the Research & Development field
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